Articles for the Month of September 2015

Top Fishkeeping Tips

Fish-keeping isn’t difficult as long as a few basic rules are adhered to.


  • Be careful, wet floors can be very slippery. Every effort should be made to keep the working area safe
  • Never use untreated tap water.  It contains toxic chemicals that are harmful to fish and kill filter bacteria.
  • Carry out regular water changes to remove dirt and waste products.
  • Always ensure that the equipment is functioning properly.
  • Have enough water, decor, treatments, and test-kits to carry out the maintenance with the minimum of fuss.
  • Do not overfeed the fish, or overstock the aquarium.  This will lead to poor water quality and fish disease.
  • Remove diseased fish as soon as possible to prevent contamination.
  • Before adding new fish check compatibility with existing fish, and its size when fully grown.
  • Introduce the new fish slowly to avoid stress.


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