Articles for the Month of March 2016

Little Mermaid Aquarium – Savoy Hotel London – A Case Study


We were approached by an events company in London.  The brief consisted of;

“we are holding an event in March in Central London and it is Little Mermaid themed, we are looking to hire for one day 4 x column aquariums  and two at one height and two a bit smaller – please could we have some rough costings?”

So not a lot to go on!!


We sent off our quote immediately , but it was the end of February before we got the go ahead and the exact location of the event – The Savoy Hotel in London – the specs of the aquariums had changed as well – they now wanted 3 x taller columns and 1 x smaller one. This was fine – as we have a large stock of aquariums.

We had to research and source decor and fish that would be suitable for the theme of the Little Mermaid, with help from our daughter who is a Disney Fanatic this was no problem.

The spec changed again in March – all very last minute – they now wanted 4 x 6` column aquariums! – again this was fine as we had them already. The aquariums were to stand on plinths, so we had to get the weight when full of water, fish and decor of the aquariums.  We finally got some final details through a week before the event – we didn’t know who the event was for until we arrived on the Saturday. We were then told it was for Tamara Ecclestone’s daughter’s Birthday.

Saturday – Arrival on site at 15.00 hrs

Set by approx – 21.00 hrs

Sunday – event 14.00 – 18.00 hrs
Derig – straight away


The main concerns were parking, access and would there be enough water pressure to fill the aquariums in time. Luckily all this was OK, but until we were actually on site – this was an unknown factor.

On arrival to the SavoyHotel on the Saturday afternoon – we were shown to the ballroom, given the floor plan and just left to get on with it!! – there was a large number of contractors present building all the sets for this event, but everything from our point of view went very smoothly with no hitches. It was important to get the water conditions right in the aquariums so that the fish have time to acclimatise before the event – and we had over 60 large fish to deal with. All the fish were happy and they were all swimming around and they are all still healthy after their `celeb event`.

The aquariums were checked again on Sunday prior to the party – everything was perfect and we had really positive feedback from the event organisers.

Client Feedback

`Better than expected` and `very straightforward to deal with you` and `pleased about the number and size of fish`

Children always love fish especially the more quirky type, so our aquariums are very popular with children of all ages.  We are always `on call` for these type of events should we be needed.

We have been doing these type of events and short term hires for a long time now and we always exceed the expectations of the brief – our staff are very experienced and love this type of job.