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What Is The Ideal Water Temperature For Your Fish Tank?

Aquarium advice from Aquamacs

For all species of fish, there is a middle ground in which they are happiest, and they must be kept within that range for their optimum health and survival


  • Tropical fish: 72° – 80° F
  • Common Goldfish: 65° – 68° F,
  • Fancy Tail Goldfish: 65° – 72° F

Keep your fish tank away from bright sunlight. Too much sunlight can cause algae growth. If you are installing a new fish tank, place it away from a window – a conservatory is not the ideal place for a fish tank. If your existing fish tank is near a window, use a shade to reduce the amount of ambient light.

To make temperature reading easy, consider buying a small adhesive temperature strip that can be put on the outside of your aquarium glass. Small floating thermometers are also handy, and some filters have separate temperature probes attached.

Avoid heat – Never place your fish tank above or near a source of heat or an air conditioner. The temperature around the outside of the fish tank should be kept as stable as possible.

Submersible heaters are the most popular. Some are adjustable and others are pre-set at 78° F. Always check and alter if necessary.

Be sure to purchase a heater that is properly rated wattage-wise for your tank – always check the manufacturer’s instructions.

Never remove a heater from the water if it is still turned on – otherwise, it will shatter. Unplug it first, let it cool and then remove it.

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