Many people are realising that aquariums can provide a calming, welcome distraction from their busy lives. The also serve as a stunning focal design point and an unusual conversation piece. People would like one in their home or business, but do not know where to begin, or just haven’t the time to undertake such a project.

Most contractors do not understand the complexities of building and designing a large aquarium and the space and equipment that is necessary to maintain a healthy, living environment for the fish. Choosing the right design can be difficult especially in new builds where the possibilities seem endless – the sooner the aquarium can be incorporated into the plans, the better.

If the decision to have an aquarium comes in later, with the right planning and information, the installation can be successful. This is where the expertise (design team) of Aquamacs come into their own. We work with architects, interior designers, builders and manufacturers to ensure that your dream becomes a reality.

  • Initial consultation and visit – defining your requirements
  • Site visit
  • Liaising with the design professionals to prepare and present the project proposal
  • Working with contractors for structural specifications and quotes
  • Approval for project to go ahead
  • Construction of aquarium
  • Installation of aquarium and life support systems
  • Stocking of aquarium with approved livestock
  • Signing off completed project

Of course long term care of the aquarium and livestock are important issues to consider when planning an aquarium installation, and Aquamacs offer an ongoing maintenance service to ensure that the aquarium looks stunning at all times.

Whatever your aquatic design requirements – Aquamacs can make it happen Call us now –

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Aquarium Design