How does an aquarium benefit you and your business?

Aquariums for doctors waiting rooms

The fish tank we have from Aquamacs is just great! we are in a care home in Salisbury and our residents love our fish tank. The Aquamacs staff are fantastic and do a really good job every time they come down. Ben Cooper Gracewell Care Homes

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  • Proven to reduce staff absenteeism saving you money
  • Saves you money and creates a stimulating work environment!
  • It improves staff morale. As you know happy staff are more productive
  • Creates an excellent memory hook so customers will remember you
  • Customers will want to stay longer to enjoy the serene and tranquil setting.

Fish help humans handle stress Watching fish swimming in a tank for a few minutes eases stress and lowers blood pressure naturally, providing relief from everyday pressures for everyone.

Aquariums have human health benefits After introducing aquariums into the dining room of a facility caring for 62 patients, there was a significant increase in the amount of food the patients consumed. As a result of eating more, the patients required less nutritional supplementation, which also had the benefit of reducing health care costs.

Aquariums may pacify Alzheimer’s patients The findings suggest that placing fish tanks in nursing homes may help cut health-care costs by reducing the need for nutritional supplements and for medications given to help calm disruptive patients.

Our Service to you

  • Free installation and advice.
  • Guaranteed top quality aquariums and equipment.
  • Quarantined, quality live stock.
  • Plants and décor to suit any setup.
  • Regular maintenance visits.
  • Defective equipment is replaced free of charge.
  • We supply all foods and medications.
  • A stunning focal accessory to enhance your business.
  • Increased interest from your customers
  • A chance to reduce absenteeism
  • Reduced stress in the workplace
  • A package to suit most budgets
  • Excellent customer service
  • No hidden costs
  • A huge range of aquariums and water features

At Aquamacs we pride ourselves on the fact that we can provide you with a complete, hassle-free rental and maintenance service.

Please take a look at the service we offer and just a few examples of the almost limitless styles of aquariums which are available.

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