A Day in the Life of an Apprentice (undergraduate on work experience)

Aquamacs on the road

After an early morning start on a miserable day, Stuart and I set off for a busy day up to Birmingham with three jobs on route. After a quick pit stop at Taunton Deane, we were nearing our first job in Bristol. As my first experience of working with Aquamacs, I was unsure of the procedure, but Stuart was well known to all the staff at Bristol, and I soon felt part of the Aquamacs family!

We carried our buckets and brushes, maintenance kit, fish food and headed off to the first aquarium. After a thorough clean, the tank was up to standard and looking a great asset within their office!
Paperwork completed, we were back on the road again… before heading to our next jobs we had another food stop (starving!) and chatted until before we knew…we hit Coventry!

As you can see from the pictures – the weather left much to be desired! At a local fish supplier we bought some new additions to add to the tanks which were well welcomed. ( Aquamacs are SVS authorised animal transporter Type 2 (EC) No 1/2005 – as licensed by DEFRA)

Particularly at the nursing home it was lovely to observe how the tanks were special to the residents and their enjoyment of the aquariums made the day so much better!
I thoroughly enjoyed my days work experience at Aquamacs, and felt as though I had learnt a lot, but boy was I tired at the end! A well-earned meal and sleep that night I reckon!