Case Studies



The Client :  Prêt a Manger

The Brief : To supply a rental and maintenance package for an aquarium in central London – number of fish to represent number of directors!Must be bright!

The Installation : Installation went very smoothly,especially as the client wanted it straight away – we were able to provide this service within a very tight time scale.

Because of the shape of the aquarium and the size of the fish – we had to have a very efficient filtration system.

The Result : Very impressed with outcome – even naming all of the fish!!!!! The filtration is great with the water always looking crystal clear – it also brings out the colour of the fish.


The Client : McDonalds Restaurant City of London

The Brief : To supply a rental aquarium in central London – must be impressive!

The Installation : we went for a bespoke stainless steel tank.

It took 7 pages of risk assessments, but dealing with such a large company, you need all the correct systems in place before they would agree to such a large item in one of their restaurants.

The aquarium and stainless steel cabinet and hood took 6 weeks to manufacture.

The Result : A very happy and impressed client

NB: We also installed a smaller cabinet for McDonalds in Weymouth.


The Client : Hamleys London

The Brief : Hamleys (the world famous toy store in London) were looking to hire a fish tank. Must be a fun, exciting fish tank, so the children will spend time looking at it – they love looking at Nemo, Dory and star fish.

The Installation : We showed them the aquarium we have on our gallery page and they wanted it straight away.

The Result : This was installed in London before 9.0am The Result : Happy children and a happy client!