Looking after tropical /coldwater fish whilst you are on holiday

Looking after your fishtank / aquarium while you are on holiday

Our top Tips

  • Clean your aquarium a week before you leave
  • Top up the aquarium with conditioned water the day before you leave
  • Check the water temperature to make sure it is suitable for your fish (taking into consideration environmental factors whilst you are away) i.e Is the weather likely to be hot or cold
  • Ensure all the electrical life support systems – FILTERS, LIGHTS, HEATER,PUMPS are working correctly
  • Carefully examine all the fish to ensure they are healthy
  • Add a suitable feeding block for the type of fish, or check that your automatic feeder is primed and working correctly

If possible ask someone to check your aquarium whilst you are away. Or  Contact Aquamacs on 0300 365 1250 for holiday fish care

Now go and enjoy your holiday!