New Aquarium Design and Install Mahiki Bar Mayfair London


We were first approached by the Mahiki Bar in Mayfair London in late September 2016. They wanted us to build an aquarium for them between the entrance stairs and bar area of the club, as this was a very dark area and need a complete overhaul.

After visiting and discussing their plans, we agreed on a design that was in keeping with their existing decor, as well as making a statement to the entrance of the club.
The installation went without any problems and took two days – the biggest drawback being lack of parking in Central London!

The aquarium is 6` in length with a dark bamboo surround. It has LED lighting, and because it is in a club, we are putting in large, bright African Cichlids as these are relatively hardy fish.
All feedback about the install has been very positive and we look forward to keeping the tank looking fabulous.

Aquarium Design UK